• About

    I was studying economics and math at MIT before I dropped out and moved to the Bay Area to code. Scroll down to check out a couple of my projects, like a Javascript arcade game and an organizational app. Right now I'm creating interactivity features and patterns for a large sculpture for Burning Man.

    Outside of that, I climb and go backpacking. I like making things: hacking on arduinos, crafting, or metalworking.

  • Asteroids Damacy

    Asteroids Damacy is a mashup of the classic arcade game Asteroids and Katamari Damacy, written in Javascript and HTML5. The high scores table was created using Node and Redis.

    The game uses requestAnimationFrame for smoother animation. Asteroids fragment along the bullet's path when they are shot. Other challenges included precise collision detection with concave polygons, shattering the ship upon death, and maintaining the ship's relative position to the screen during zoom-outs.

    Play here
    Github repo
  • DeepThought

    DeepThought is a one-page organizational app written in Ruby on Rails and Backbone, inspired by Workflowy. It allows users to smoothly outline all thoughts and tasks into a single uncluttered list. Projects can be broken down into sublists; each sublist can then be "zoomed" into, allowing users to focus on the task at hand. A breadcrumb in the header links to all ancestor lists for quick zoom-out.

    Keyboard shortcuts allow for quick traversal and reorganization of lists. The order of bullet points is preserved by storing the parent and a rank score amongst siblings. Data is stored on the client side as well as the server side, to ensure that views update quickly upon navigation. Views are generated by recursively calling Marionette compositeView on each bullet and its children.

    View site here
    Github repo
  • Squared

    Squared is a pair of 50' steel trees, off of which hang 1600 polyurethane cubes with individually addressable LEDs. Metal fabrication headed by Charles Gadeken, founder of the Flaming Lotus Girls. Software library written in Processing by Mark Slee.

    Current co-lead of software, creating an interactive station for Burning Man that allow users to playfully control the patterns on a tree. I was the primary on-site coder for the last week of the piece's showcase at Coachella, addressing feature requests from the VJs for more pattern flexibility. I wrote many of the patterns, including a Voronoi and fire animation. A main constraint was CPU limit: my solutions included heavily bounding calculations and dynamically updating Java array sizes rather than using arrayLists. Also assisted in metal fabrication and installation.

    Patterns repo